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I'm new to this forum and technically, new to KIA, but both my wife and I have owned Hyundais.

I've read a few posts regarding the P2118 trouble code on on this forum. Our Carnival just threw that code today. We drove yesterday in some pretty sticky snow and it went below freezing last night so there is probably some freezing going on in the throttle body that caused that code to set. I cleared the code with my scan tool and it seems to be fine now. We let the van warm up this time before venturing out.

We've also experienced problems with the power sliding door on the driver's side not wanting to latch when its below freezing. The dealer can't replicate the problem and no codes are stored when this happens. They told me to video it when it happens again and of course, it hasn't happened, yet. Our Carnival isn't part of the door recall according to the VIN.

Anyway, I saw some chatter about a firmware update for the P2118. Does anyone have any additional information on that?

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