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2022 Kia Carnival AR App

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There is an augmented reality app that shows the 2022 Kia Carnival in detail:

If you search "Kia Play AR" in the app store, this should pop up. While it is in Korean, it's pretty easy to figure out the buttons and how to use the app.

1. Once you load it, first click on the download button for the Carnival.
2. Then click on the left button to open the AR view.
3. Turn in a circle in your room (in an open space).
4. Point it towards the floor until you see a bunch of white dots and then tap the screen which will make the vehicle appear
5. Select options at the bottom for seating configuration and wheel size

You can spin the vehicle around, open the door and go inside the vehicle (by moving the device). Pinch to zoom.
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Found this today. This one has English as an option.
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