Hey guys,

Updated Lower Price

We are soon taking delivery of our 2023 Kia Carnival in Pearl White with the Black interior that we ordered in Feb 22. Only problem is that about 6 months ago, we were in dire needs of a vehicle and purchased a Carnival that we have been driving since. Because we had to pay over MSRP on the one we are driving now, and had a clear bra installed on the vehicle for another $2k, I'd have to get around $50k for the one we're taking delivery for to not lose money on this who scenario.

For the peanut gallery, I am not making money on this. I paid $50k+ myself for a $45k vehicle. I am going to break even.

We should take delivery, hopefully around March. I will put you in touch with our dealer in St. Louis, MO who is holding this for us since Feb 22 with our deposit. They confirmed I can sign it over to whoever I wish. The dealer is selling this at MSRP. I am asking for the difference to $55k. You can email me at omegasupplements at g mail with questions or any interest.