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This is my first time posting here, so be gentile.

Carnival is 40days old

Issue #1 at 280km - So, after picking up my carnival NOT even 300km on her I was driving home from the dealer and all the safety sensors went off , all the warning lights went crazy on my cluster, took it in and long story short it needed an "update". * Problem Fixed

Issue #2 Current and Ongoing at 3700km - Started 2 weeks ago, I have turn key ignition with the fob for unlock/lock/panic, currently I am unable to lock/unlock any doors with either fobs (tested both, batteries changed also), when my key isn't in the ignition and the drivers door is up it dings like the key is still in the ignition, auto light will stay on and dome light will shut off when the door is closed and Van is Off.. but if I shut the door and try to lock it with the fob it does nothing, nor does the unlock button or panic. I have had it check with the dealer and they had to send off some shit to kia cause they don't know the issue.. I asked the machinic if the doors could be locked with the key and he said no it doesn't have it, so today I noticed on the handle that you can pop the cover and have a spot for locking the van, this will only lock the drivers door and no other, I also cant locked the other doors from the inside because the button wont lock the doors while the drivers is open..

Info was sent to the High ups at Kia, a week ago, haven't heard anything back

I'm just curious if anyone else with a 2023 Kia Carnival LX has had similar problems..

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