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3rd row middle seatbelt stuck (fully extended, won't retract)

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The 3rd row middle seatbelt (the one that hangs from the ceiling) in our 2023 Carnival is stuck and won't retract. It's pulled all the way out, so that when I try to pull it, only 1/4" or so comes out. I've tried pulling hard, pulling soft, forward, backwards, hitting it with a mallet, sticking a screwdriver in there, etc., and nothing has gotten it to retract.

The problem happened when my wife, a teacher, was carting a load of kids on a field trip. It was probably the first time that particular seatbelt was used, so it seems like a manufacturer defect.

Any suggestions for how to fix this, short of bringing it to the dealer?
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Have the same issue. Unbuckling the small buckle and letting it retract back to the ceiling does the trick.
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