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Driving down the freeway, cracked open the driver side front window about 1/4" and "WHOOSH"...the black A pillar cover flies off and gets run over by car behind me. I got home and checked the passenger side, it was a bit loose on the top.

Anybody else have this issue? Any guesses on how long for a replacement? Going to file warranty claim for replacement tomorrow. I don't have the luxury of parking it and waiting for the replacement. Any possible damage I could do by driving it?

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Ugh! Sorry to hear that. I know parts are in tight supply right now so it could take a while.

The A pillar plastic trim piece won’t have any effect on the safety of your carnival. It just looks a little unsightly. If you get any debris in the holes, it could cause some issues once they install a replacement piece. I would also double check all the other trim pieces. The roof rail piece might be susceptible to more lift with the A pillar gone.
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