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Kia uses South Korean based supplier for ambient lighting. During SEMA 2021 the Ford best in show build that company had some coated plastic fiber optics sewn into recaro seats they looked so bad they had to turn them off.

The builder/ Owner of the mustang Mach-e cali Ed. Was pretty upset when he Found out the company had reached out to us earlier in the year and had bought a kit of our Flexible Glass LED based fiber optic usury light pipes (that are best-in-class for uniformity and luxury lighting).

I have a lot of respect for all lighting companies and def. a big fan of all things involving lighting innovations. We don’t really have “competition” so we come from the mindset “we can get something you can’t get anywhere else, let’s figure out a way to co-op and help you ”

Sadly in the OEM realm innovation will always be secondary to saving a few dollars/cents. cough cough latest Cadillac Escalade program - highest platform GM works off of for prototyping they did not continue the ambient lighting (same material we have) to the rear door panels due to cost…

Getting tired of dealing with the cutthroat OE /supplier system and my hand is on the ripcord to just cutting them off all together. Being the new kids on the block with the solutions/products to their existing problems and what the end customer actually wants and being disrespected to my face, threatened over texts/ emails, railroaded, lied to, false claims of “corporate espionage” overall jealousy When I can’t get them to understand. “Just trying to help” F em

GloTrim is the sole global distributor of The #1 OE benchmarked light guides and manufactures the welting LED system to sell directly to the aftermarket, after years of it being locked behind OEM studios for years. We bring beauty to the people :)
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