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Does wireless eat up your phone battery quickly? I guess you could use the wireless charger at the same time but that thing heats up my phone too much, so I never use it, since heat permanently damages batteries.
Yeah, it does drain much faster. I only use it wirelessly without charging for short drives (running errands). If I'm going to be on the road for 30+ minutes, I'll connect a USB cable to charge the phone while it transmits wirelessly. To avoid excessive heat, I use a vent mount for the phone so A/C is constantly blowing on it. Even with this, the rate of drain almost matches the rate of charge so 30 min on the charger only gains a few % charge.

Thanks for the suggestion. If I may ask, which dongle did you choose?
I went with the Carsifi dongle because of the quick switch button it has for swapping between phones. My wife and I don't have to enable/disable WiFi manually when we ride together to endure the adapter connects to the right phone. IMO, all 3 major brands are a bit over priced for what little they actually do, but you sometimes have to pay a bit more when you're an early adopter. At $50, it's a no-brainer, but at $90, you gotta really hate plugging in your phone multiple times a day.
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