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So we just bought our Carnival Prestige this week and once we installed the app, we kept getting alerts that one or more doors remained unlocked.
We checked them physically and all were locked and non-moving (not partially closed etc.). I happened to notice that when I opened the driver door and the main driver screen turned on it showed the right sliding door in the closed position but blinking red. Same blinking of red it does when it's showing the opened position.

We figured this is the culprit but have no idea how to go about fixing it and the dealership can't get us into service for over a month even though we just bought it two days ago and it shouldn't already be having issues.

I have tried opening and closing via the handle auto-trigger and the smart key options they both open and close smoothly with the same amount of clicks as the left side, but the left side doesn't appear to be having any issues or alerts. It's not catching on anything etc. and I don't believe the left side is blinking red, just a solid red when it moves to the open position.

If anyone has any clue what may be the culprit, or better yet the fix, please let me know.

Thank you in advance!
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