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Best paint to cover chipped paint

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I have a pearl white 2022 Kia Carnival. The back hatch hit my garage door, and it chipped some of the paint. I bought a Kia Paint Pen from Amazon, but it does not seem to do the trick in painting over that chip. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might work to paint over this chipped paint? This is the best I could do with the pen by applying several layers of paint over several days. See picture.

Rectangle Composite material Wood Tints and shades Beige
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I've used on my other vehicles, I've been pleased with the match and cover capability.

Also, your carny should have the ability to adjust how high the hatch lifts. My wife set ours based on the parking spot, works great!
Spray can of matching color & fine trim brush. Spray the paint in the cap to get a small puddle, dip the brush tip in and apply one dab only to the chip. Wait a while and repeat.
The paint in the bottle dries too fast and leaves a blob.

For fine rock chips a tooth pick works.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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