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Carnival Guides and FAQ

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Standard Options and Configurations

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2023 CN Specs Compared
2022 US Specs Compared
2022 CN Specs Compared (does anyone have these archived?)

OEM Accessories

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Hidden Tips, Tricks, and Features

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Does the carnival really have 4 rows of seats to carry up to 11 passengers?
Answer: The 4 row 11-seat version is not available in North America. 3 rows for 8 passengers is the maximum capacity.

Question: Are the 2nd row seats reversible?
Answer: Not from the factory. Other models outside of North America have reversible seats in the 2nd row, but the NA models need to have the tracks modified to allow this feature. See this thread for more information.

Question: Are the VIP seats removable?
Answer: The seats are not designed to be removed; however, if you have the right tools and strength to maneuver them, you can unbolt them from the vehicle’s frame. See this thread for more information.

Roof Rails and Trailer Hitches

Question: Can roof rails be added to the LX or EX models?
Answer: OEM roof rails cannot be added to the LX or EX models without extensive modifications. 3rd party solutions are recommended instead. See this thread for more information.

Question: Can I add a trailer hitch to my Carnival?
Answer: Yes. See this thread for options.

Vehicle Access

Question: How do I use the key FOB to start/stop the engine?
Answer: Press the lock button on the FOB and within 4 seconds of pressing the lock button, press and hold the start button for 2-3 seconds. Simply press and hold the start button again for 2-3 seconds to shut down the engine. Note: the default engine run time is 10 minutes before shutting down automatically, and you must place the key fob inside the vehicle within 30 seconds of opening a door to prevent the engine from shutting down.

Question: Why won’t the liftgate open when I kick my foot under the back bumper?
Answer: The Carnival does not have any foot sensors to open the lift gate. Assuming you have a power liftgate, simply stand within 3 feet of the liftgate for 3 seconds with the key fob on your person to trigger the hands-free opening feature. This setting must be enabled in the vehicle settings.

Question: How do I open both sliding doors and liftgate at the same time using my FOB?
Answer: Depending on the options you’ve selected in the infotainment settings, simply press and hold the unlock button on your key FOB for 2-3 seconds and either both sliding doors or both sliding doors plus the lift gate will open simultaneously. This feature is only active when the vehicle is locked.

Question: How do I roll down the windows using my key FOB?
Answer: You cannot. Sorry.

Question: Do the sliding doors have sensors to stop them from closing if an object is detected?
Answer: No. The sliding doors and lift gate are pressure sensitive, so an obstruction can stop them from closing, but be VERY CAREFUL with body parts of small children. It takes significant force to stop the sliding doors and small children will get hurt. Like any door, ensure all hands and feet are clear before closing.


Question: Can I watch videos on the front infotainment screen?
Answer: Not from the factory. Android Auto users can via 3rd party work-around. See this thread for more info.

Question: Why doesn’t Android Auto or Apple Carplay fill the entire front infotainment screen (12-inch models only)?
Answer: This part can be a little confusing. Kia has a feature in the phone projection settings that allows you to enable/disable split-screen. This is Kia’s split-screen solution that forces your phone to only display content on the left 2/3rds of the display. Disable this feature to enable your phone to display across the entire screen. Your vehicle must also be updated to the June 2022 firmware version.

Question: Why doesn’t wireless AA or AC work with my 12-inch infotainment screen?
Answer: Only the trims with the 8-inch displays support wireless phone mirroring. There is no indication this feature will come to the 12-inch units in the future as it may be a hardware limitation caused by the global chip shortage.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Question: Why can’t I get the rear screens to play any streaming content?
Answer: To be frank, these screens kinda suck. There are numerous threads with complaints about this with some finding luck and others feeling frustrated and ultimately removing the screens altogether. These screens run on a super outdated version of Android that likely doesn’t have true support from major streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. There is no simple solution here, but if you are patient and resourceful, you can likely find a work-around.

Question: Are there any speakers on the rear screens?
Answer: No. The audio can only be routed through the vehicle speakers, wired headphones, or Bluetooth headphones.

Question: Can I control the rear screens from the front seat?
Answer: No, unless you’re playing audio through the main vehicle speakers, then you can adjust volume only.

Question: The rear screens are useless to me. How can I remove them?
Answer: See this thread.

Question: How to I enable the Carnival’s onboard WiFi?
Answer: See this thread.


Question: Where can I find a Carnival to see in person and test drive?
Answer: As of July 2022, it is very rare for a dealer to have inventory available for you to see. Most deliveries to the dealer are already pre-sold and are not open to the public. Your best bet is to call ahead between Tuesday and Thursday. If you wait for the weekend, you will be too late and anything that wasn’t pre-sold will have been sold during the weekend rush.

Question: If I order a Carnival, how long will it take to deliver?
Answer: There are two types of orders. The first is an “order” with your dealer. You put down a refundable deposit and simply tell them what trim and color you want. The dealer will put your name on a waiting list and call you when your name rises to the top of the list and an inbound shipment has a model matching your preference. This can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months depending on your preference and the length of that dealer’s wait list. The other type of order is placed through your dealer to the factory. This is where you can select various options that do not ship standard and have your car custom built. In 2021, this process was taking anywhere from 9 months to a year. Some orders were delayed so long, they got replaced with the 2023 model. However, in 2022, it appears the wait for factory orders has decreased significantly with people being quoted 6 months or less. As with anything, your mileage may vary.

Question: What’s the deal with all these dealers charging outrageous markups above MSRP?
Answer: Simple. Supply vs Demand. Try to find smaller, family-owned dealerships or dealerships located in rural areas to increase your chances of buying a Carnival at MSRP. Do not expect to pay less than MSRP until dealer inventory increases back to pre-pandemic levels. Also, be aware that some dealers claim to sell at MSRP but will force you to buy $3,000 worth of dealer add-ons like low-jack, wheel locks, and interior stain protection.
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