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Carnival new car VOC spikes after heating with A/C on

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Hi Guy, I just got my new Carnival SX a couple of days ago.
When I drove with the air conditioning on for the past two days, I didn't feel very comfortable. I used a VOC detector over the weekend to test the VOC index in my car. When I turned on the heat, the VOC index shot up to 3900. After I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows, the index went back to normal.
I know my car is very new and only had about 20 miles on it when I got it. But does anyone else have the same experience as I do when I get a new car and the air conditioner has an unpleasant smell?

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My car had a bad burnt plastic smell when I drove out of the dealership. I still smell it after 3 months and 800 miles but it has come down. I read that it is due to some coating they applied that is off-gassing. Or it could be some plastic burning as well :ROFLMAO:
I have a 22 EX. We sometimes get a vinegar smell with the air conditioner. I will see what happens when we start to use the air again this summer.
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