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Hey everyone,

Just got into an SXP in Texas, I am pleasantly suprised with everything this car has to offer except one issue, which may or may not be user error.

So I installed my Son's car seat on the passenger side captain chair then I tried to use the "relaxation mode" button on the driver side captains and get into a full incline but it will not go very far back, I was stuck trying to figure it out, I moved the chair inwards, outwards, back, forward trying to get it to work and it would not budge.

After trying everything I finally put the headrest to the most downward position and it happened to work. This was last night.

Now this morning I was showing off all the cool features etc and the same chair (drivers side captains) will just not recline into full relaxation mode.

It seems like there is something blocking how far it can recline, I assume certain conditions must be met for this to work. For whatever reason the passenger side captains chair works perfectly, but the other one will not.

I read that if there are seatbelts engaged in the back it wont work, that is not the case, I also read I needed to push chairs inward as well, and after troubleshooting all this stuff I just can seem to figure it out.

My final step will maybe be to take it in and see if KIA dealer can figure it out (It doesn't seem to be mechanical or electrical as the foot rest works fine as do most controls, except that it limits how far back I can recline)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Good to know! We’ve not experienced any issues with the recline u less the seats are in the outer most position. I’ve not seen a limitation for reclining when the seatbelts are connected so that’s something good to know.
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