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Coolant loss

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I was losing coolant as described by many others around the web. I found a leak at the reservoir/ expansion tank. It was leaking at the seam that goes around the middle of the tank. The leak was at the rear in the center of the seam facing the firewall. I discovered this when topping up the coolant level. I haven't taken it in for a warranty claim yet. If others with coolant loss could check their tanks and report back to see if this is a common leak point. Filling slightly above the full line/seam will be required to find the leak.
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Can you add a picture of where this is? I think I know but want to be sure and will check. We have a slow coolant leak as well.
Near the tip of the screwdriver at the seam is where mine leaked
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That is the drainage path of the vent above, that is why you are seeing some coolant there. I don't think there is a leak. I suspect coolant loss in the first 5,000-10,000 miles is due to burping of the system.
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