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I just placed an order for an EX model. 4-6 months order time was discussed but not promised. I live in Utah, but dealers here required dealer options that I didn't want, so my business went to Kia dealer in Idaho Falls. Deal went very smoothly over the phone and only wanted a $500 non-refundable deposit which was better that the $1000 others wanted. I really explored this vehicle on Youtube: Peter at Brantford KIA (Kia Hyundai Channel) in Ontario is the best! Their trim levels differ from US, however. I really love the EX+ but sadly, it is not available in US. It adds the 12.1" drivers electronic display, fog lights, enhanced front grill, and inverter to the US EX model. Kia please take note.

I am single, 50+ male and plan to use this to explore North America and be able to camp/sleep in vehicle while doing so. I also plan to move back east fairly soon and this has much more hauling capability than my 2020 Tacoma. I plan to remove the 2nd row seats and use the 3rd row for any passengers, so I can stow when needing sleep/cargo space.

Mods/Adds I am looking to do once received:
1. Figure out how to get the rear turn signal to work on the brake lights. The standard signals are too low.
2. Make a cargo cover from the back of the 1st row seats to the tailgate. Anyone with measurements/pattern?
3. Reflectix windshield/window covers with blackout material on reverse side
4. 3D Kagu floor mats. Not available yet, but hopefully within 4-6 months.
5. Tri/quad fold memory foam twin mattress
6. Add tow hitch and wiring: etrailer has excellent options.
7. 2" lift? Maybe.

There are lots of minivan conversion videos out there. "Eric enjoys Earth" on Youtube has some excellent advice and non-permanent mods for minivan camping. I have some ideas but plan to travel a bit first to see what my needs are.

Hope to see you all out the road soon. Cheers!

Ogden, UT
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