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finally got a Carnival in 3 weeks

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with Growing Family we want to move to a seven or eight seater I've been looking around for minivan since February and carnival was the first choice for the kind of splendid look & the VIP lounge seats but after a lot of search we realize that it's almost impossible to get hold of a carnival anywhere near future, spoke to all dealers across the country and we eventually started looking to the other rival models but couple of weeks back I got a call from one of the KIASouthATL and she told me they have a carnival coming in three weeks and I can put in a deposit to reserve it . It had a markup of 3k, which was okay. Initially I didn't believe it I thought it might be just a scam but no why not try it and eventually in three weeks I got a brand new SXP just the model that we were looking for , when we booked it it was a 2022 model but when I went for delivery pick up they gave auto create a 2023 model. Looks like all the new models are coming in are only 2023 . There was one shocker when you picked up the 2023 model did not have the VIP lounge seats instead of that they give a bench in the second row this was the main USP of the car I don't know why KIA would make it as optional feature . but we were a little disappointed and the dealer had no clue about it , no one had seen 2023 before this. We discussed with the dealer & after all discussions, they took 2k off the price. Now we are driving the SXP experience & we have been pretty happy with what we've got here
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Although I am sorry to hear that you did not get the VIP seats you wanted, I can tell you from numerous comments on this forum that VIP seats are an option because of how much they impede access to the 3rd row and how much cargo space they take up since they're not removable. Users wanted the nicer tech package of the SXP without losing one of the best things about owning a minivan: seating flexibility. Especially if you have more than 2 kids or need to carry something large from the store, you will be VERY glad that you got the 8 seat version.

Great job negotiating the price down though. Enjoy the new ride!
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