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First Oil Change

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Received our first oil change. It’s been 6 months, we’re under the mileage but we just got back from a road trip and are going on another in a couple weeks.

Couple notes about the service:

  • My appointment was at 0800 but the techs didn’t arrive until 9. I asked why they accepted appointments before techs were onsite and was told 0800 is for drop offs.
  • The tech over filled oil with 7qts and not the manual specs of 6.45qts. I honestly don’t understand why putting the correct amount is so hard. When I worked at Goodyear oil & tire in the late 90’s, the gun that was used to deepened oil was electric and you could input how much oils to disperse. It’s been over 20 years, I’m sure the tech has advanced. Humans must be lazy.
  • I wish the charges were more transparent up front. I feel like the dealership “nickeled & dimed” me with miscellaneous fees. (See attachments)
-Lastly I was told during our initial purchase that I had to come to the dealership where I purchased the car (1.5hr away) for service in order to not void warranty(s). This was incorrect. Service can be performed anywhere as long as receipts are kept. KIA recommends warranty repairs to be conducted at the dealership where you purchased the car.

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What was wrong with the power sliding door
Nothing. They just said because of the recall, they were going to order the part. Once the part comes in I’ll go back for the install. As of today I have no issues with the sliding doors.
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When KIA announced the recall several months ago they said it was because the sliding doors could potentially open while driving. I just had my actuators replaced on my 2016 Town & Country because one wouldn’t lock and the other wouldn’t open.
Our passenger sliding door stopped closing this week under power. We can power open it, but have to manually close it. The car just beeps at us when we try to close via the buttons. I tried removing the fuse, which caused the door to close once, but then the second time it stopped working.

Our dealer said if it's dirty sensors, we would be charged for them to clean it. I don't even know where the sensors are to clean.
I would have them replace the actuators anyway.
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