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Front Wiper Sizes

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Anyone knows what are the front wipers sizes for the Carnival?
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Managed to get the measurements for those interested.

Front pair 26" and 20"
Rear 11"

How to lower the rear wiper arm:

1. Crank start the engine.
2. Switch off the engine.
3. Press the start engine button once to go into Accessory mode.
4. Push down the wiper lever down and hold until front wipers swipe up and rear wipers swipe down.
5. To move them back into original position, press engine button one more time to show entire dashboard, and push wiper level down once.

This will be useful for those whom wanna check, clean or replace your rear wipers.
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This is hugely helpful. Thanks for doing the research and figuring out the maintenance procedure.
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I just measured my original wiper blades and the sizes were 26" and 20" front, but the rear was 12", not 11" as posted above.
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