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Hi Guys, The photo on top of this opening page shows three different grills on the Carnival. But every video I have seen shows only the one on the left side which is the nicest. What's going on? (I really don't like the one on the right!)
Also, anyone on the East coast see the Carnival at any dealers yet ????
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The grille design on the vehicle on the right in our banner image is for the LX and EX trim models. The third design you've seen (I'm guessing the diamond shapes style) is for certain overseas markets and is not offered on North America.

You will need to get the SX or SX Prestige trim to get the grille design you're looking.
Dealerships in Northern Virginia and Albany NY have multiple trims in stock. Checked out a few near Albany today and plan to buy an EX when I get home to Virginia this week.
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