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Have had my LX for one year now, 12, 000 miles.

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Totally love the vehicle for hauling my art and trailer all over the place. Stowed the 3rd row and took out one of the second row seats. I usually have five 10' x 10' display walls of my paintings and photographs and they all fit in this vehicle quite well.

On the down side, my first inspection and 3rd oil change was not so good. The free inspection won't happen because they can't get me in until the end of October? That's a good two months out for a simple task like an inspection and oil change? My personal mechanic will be doing it. Not free but at least I know its going to be done and I won't get a ticket for an expired inspection sticker.

On another note, my check engine light just came on. Not a great sign. Fortunately it's not flashing so I can drive it until they can get it in the end of October????? That's peak show season by the way so I totally can't do without the car and my trailer.
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My business is always open and fluid...
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I love how you edited the trailer on that first picture to show your logo better
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