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Follow these steps to enable YouTube Videos (and a full web browser) to be accessed through Android Auto:

1. A smartphone running Android version 6.0 or higher.
2. Any car with native Android Auto support.
3. Common sense to know NOT to watch videos while driving!

Obligatory Disclaimer
This is only a guide. It is your choice to follow or not follow it. I assume no liability if something goes wrong.

1a. Go into your phone settings and enable app installations from unknown sources. Each phone OEM (brand) puts this setting in a different location so if you don't know where it is, you can find it here.
1b. Also enable developer options within your Android Auto settings on your phone and enable "unknown sources".
2. Visit the xda-developers forum from your android device and install the Android Auto Apps Downloader. This will allow you to install a 2nd app that enables YouTube on Android Auto.
3. After installing AAAD, open it and select and install "Fermata Auto".
4. Connect your android device to your car via USB cable, launch android auto, and go to your list of apps on the car's screen. You should see Fermata Auto. Launch it.
5. The UI for Fermata Auto should have a menu of icons at the bottom of the screen. Look for the YouTube logo and launch it. You can do the same with the web browser logo.
6. Enjoy! 馃槉

Question - Does this work for Apple devices?
Answer - No, Nope, Non, Nein, Nao, Nyeht, etc...

Question - Does this work while driving?
Answer - Probably, but see prerequisites above.

Question - Mine isn't working. How do I fix it?
Answer - Don't ask me. I don't work here.

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Tnx for the tip, unfortunately did not work for my Kia carnival, I get a blank screen after opening the app on the infotainment system. Can you post some screenshots of how it looks on your infotainment system?
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