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Curious if anyone knows how to reset/reboot the LCD screen in the instrument cluster (not the entertainment system, but the one that shows the vehicle status stuff like odometer and lane assist). Mine just went black the other day, only about three weeks after purchasing a new Carnival. This is an LX-S, so it just has the smaller LCD screen in the cluster (not the fully digital instrument cluster in the higher trims).

It looks like a software issue--the backlight comes on and I can even control the brightness, but the screen itself stays blank and doesn't display anything. I'm thinking it could be as easy as a software reboot or update. (I have seen elsewhere that the Tellurides have a recall out for what sounds to be a very similar issue, and that issue is fixed with a software update.) However, my dealer is booked out until the end of April. So, in the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to just reboot the thing so I can see if that would work. I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes, and also checked fuses and things like that, but no go.
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