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After trying (and failing) to find the corresponding Thule fit kit for the Wingbar Evo that was on my previous car,
I decided to purchase the OEM Kia crossbars for my Carnival SX.

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I haven’t seen a lot of real world pictures so I thought I’d share mine and some initial thoughts on the bars.

Purchasing & Packaging -
I purchased my set from Kia Parts who had them for sale for $385 on their site. That’s discounted from MSRP and I know there are cheaper options out there still, but I figured the ones made for the vehicle probably look the best (something I care about but know not everyone does).

The bars arrived packaged well enough, not the greatest level of protection, but no complaints over dinged aluminum like I’ve had with other manufacturers in the past.

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Quality -
Just from my initial handling and installation, they feel like high quality bars. They’ve got a pretty pronounced wing design with the back edge being quite thin. On the side in black on black is the new KИ logo.

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Interestingly, the aluminum on the bars is ever so slightly different than the silver on the roof rails. The rails themselves are a painted silver Vs. a true metal.

Installation -
It was pretty easy once I actually read the instructions. I started off thinking “I know how to install crossbars” and skipped the literature but then had to start over on one of the bars. They feature a ratcheting set screw which is something I haven’t personally dealt with in the past.

Quirks & Notes -
You have to be careful when placing the bars on the rails. The adjustment screw on the bottom side of the feet can scratch the rails if you’re not careful. I would have known this initially if I had read the instructions.

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The keyed face plate is a bit tricky to get back on. It has a plastic tab that slides into the bars and they can easily get jammed. Don’t force them in and bend them, try to work them in slowly.

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The included key has a Yakima logo on it. Perhaps they produced them for KIA, or it could just be that the lock mechanism is from them.

Overall Thoughts -
I just put them on so some road testing will help get the full picture about how loud (hopefully quiet) they are. I've attached some pics with my Thule Motion XT (Size L) on the roof. Our 4th of July road trip will be the first test.

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Grille
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive carrying rack

I think they pair really well with the van, ahem…MPV and give it a more aggressive look.

Shout with any questions.

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Nice review! Where were you able to purchase them for that price? Coupon code? I’d like to order for my upcoming Carnival delivery!

Def looks like you can easily scratch with that back plate. Thanks for the heads up!

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I have a set of cross bars which came with the vehicle. We took over someone’s order and did not want them but dealer refused to reduce price. If anyone near sf/bay area wants, i am happy to sell for a discount. They were taken off the very first day and just sitting in my garage.
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