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We have had two previous Sedonas, 2003 and a 2012. We loved them We went to a 2016 Sorento SXP. Loved it but my wife missed her sliding side door. We bought out Ceramic Silver SXP off the truck in April 2022. We love it. Grandkids love it. 21,000 trouble free miles. An incredible cruising interstate car. The highest mileage I have gotten is 32.7 according to the onboard computer. I also have to tell you that sine 2003 we have had 10 other models of Kia with five family drivers. Our youngest is on her second Sportage. We have an incredible dealer and service at Bulldog Kia in Athens Ga. They are very community oriented and support many altruistic organizations in the city. Just good, honest folks. SO very pleased with it. The only thing I wish it has was the drivers seat extender for the calf area that our Sorento had. No, I have not yet played with all the electronics....
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