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New Carnival en route

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I ordered an SXP on March 29th, 8 seater with no entertainment. Was informed a week ago the 2023 models were ceasing production and that I could update my order to a 2024, which I did. Got a call four days ago that my car will be delivered to the dealership on 6/19. I paid MSRP, no markup. Kings Kia near Cincinnati, OH.

Looks like they got their parts supply chain corrected with the new model. I suspect that with the new model they had an opportunity to redesign around parts from more reliable suppliers. Nothing perhaps that we as the consumers will ever see, but clearly they needed a new model to be able to incorporate the necessary changes to resume production.
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Just got notified by my dealer that my Carnival is 'currently on rails', and the arrival date has been pushed up to 5/24.
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