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2023 Kia Carnival SX in Astra Blue
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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi from Brunei! Unfortunately there is not much information about Carnival owners on this side of the world. So this forum have been a huge help with everyone sharing their knowledge and experience owning the car. Thanx!

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Brunei salesman helped with installing the sidestep and window visor. Both are sought after accessories on this side of the world.

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Added a front diffuser (lip) from GSC Korea

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Also a rear diffuser lips and well...fake exhaust tips. Both from GSC Korea.
Wow! This is very unique (and more attractive) compared to the U.S. version. It also has a lot more features, running boards, exhaust tips, an additional lower brake light, and the front grill looks more aggressive on the lower portion. Cool Carnival!
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