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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi from Brunei! Unfortunately there is not much information about Carnival owners on this side of the world. So this forum have been a huge help with everyone sharing their knowledge and experience owning the car. Thanx!

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Brunei salesman helped with installing the sidestep and window visor. Both are sought after accessories on this side of the world.

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Added a front diffuser (lip) from GSC Korea

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Also a rear diffuser lips and well...fake exhaust tips. Both from GSC Korea.
congrats great to see another fellow Bruneian here, too bad lah inda dpt all those safety features such as BSM which Sorento has. I heard from Australians that RHD variants are affected (not enough time to make the conversion) because of covid. Btw, your carnival ada clunking noise msa turning the steering wheel?
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