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New owner of 2022 SXP

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I am the second owner of a 2022 sxp. It has 4k miles, so, like new. I have been driving a Chrysler Pacifica for 4 years and wanted to upgrade. Hubby, showed me the Carnival 2022 SXP and it was love at first sight! I really like the VIP lounge seating! LoL! My grands play sports so that will be my spot during practices !
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Could you show the lounge seating in action? Also how tall are you? I am interested in it but haven't seen it in person.
Very nice. Congrats. We have the same vehicle. Let me tell you: My wife loves the lounge seats. My 7 year old sits in a booster and during long trips, she will tilt the chair back a little so she can go to sleep. My wife will do a full stretch with ottoman all the way up with a blanket over her to sleep. It's the way to ride for sure. It's the ultimate road trip vehicle. I can't think of a better way to ride. As the driver, the adaptive cruise and the lane assist makes driving a pleasure. I turn off the rear speakers so they can have their peace and quiet in the back while I listen to my music in front. The seats are also very comfortable compared to our other cars. I love driving it.
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I am 5 ft tall . I have had the Carnival 5 days and I love it! I traded my chrysler pacifica for it. I am 5ft tall. The lounge seating is very comfortable. Also the 2nd row seats are heated and cooled.
Im not able to post a video..file is too large.
Thanks. I'm 5'9" and trying to figure out if I can use the feature. Tried a similar seat in a Toyota Sienna years ago and it was so short on foot room I figured only kids could use it.
At 5 9 you should be able to use the lounge seats and Ottoman. You'll need to slide the chair all the way back as far it'll go. Make sure the 3rd row seats are not up.
Unfortunately the only videos I've found of the lounge seats in action are kids and they can't raise the foot rest unless they are really little. In my situation I would be able to put the front passenger seat all the way forward and the lounge seat all the way back. Does anyone have a photo of this working for an adult? We did find a used one that I could go try but it is over an hour away and the winter weather is sloppy. So would love to know if it would work before making the trip.
Here you go. I am 5.11. With the front seat fully back and 3rd row down, the full reclining can be used only with foot rest below the mid position. Like the second pic. With foot rest less than half and just little tilt, it will fit a 6ft person. If the front seat goes bir forward, it will perfecty fit a 6ft person. Belive me, being in this position and looking at the star with open sunroof and with quiet mode on with night music, its a first class flight cabin on a 11 hours highway drive.

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It looks so good as usual. Welcome to the community.
Congrats! What a beautiful car! Enjoy the driving~
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