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No, I'm Never Getting a Minivan...

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Never thought this day would come, but we are now owners of a '22 Carnival SX Prestige. After a lot of searching and calling, we finally found a Ceramic Silver with Umber & Black leather. We had to spend 7 hours on the road to get to the dealer in PA and drive the vehicle back home, but now feel it was totally worth it. The drive home really helped me settle in and enjoy the ride.

Originally ordered a Ford Expedition, but after lots of conversations with family & friends who are minivan owners, the Carnival made the most sense considering our family situation. I can already see my son swinging the door into another car... Considering the field of available vehicles, this was an easy decision. The design is terrific, it's a safe vehicle, reliability is top-notch, and the tech is what I'd expect in a vehicle. Works as a family hauler, soccer parents, and date nights & road trips with a few passengers. I've even had people think it doesn't look like a van and some even think it was an SUV.

Looking forward to contributing to the board and chiming in. Already have some questions so if I can't find my answers I'll be posting.


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I love the fact that it looks more like an SUV than a minivan. After losing my Subaru Tribeca in an accident in 2016, with the growing kids needing minivan space, the Sedona was the only one I saw myself in. All the others looked too minivan-ish. My Sedona SX is still running strong at 113K miles. Somebody please hit me so I can upgrade to a Carnival. :cool:
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Welcome! It's great to have you on our forum. :)
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