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Notes after reading the manual

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Fun facts. I just read the entire manual cover to cover (yes I am that guy) and wanted to point out a few things most people probably wouldn't know had they not seen this.
The manual states that the carnival should only use gas rated 91 octane or higher. (And use an approved additive every 8k miles if you have a warranty that requires proof of service records)
Only use full synthetic 0w-20 oil and it's recommend every 8,000-10,000 miles.
Do not traditional tow ever, only 4 wheel flat or on dollies.
The book says you really shouldn't tow a trailer, but if you must tow don't do more than about 1,000lbs without trailer breaks, and don't go over 60mph.
The roof rack can only support 220lbs, while the total vehicle can only support 1,323lbs total including occupants and cargo.


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I put jet fuel in my van and it has quadrupled the horsepower and I now get 45 mpg. I can now do burnouts down an entire city block and women are now asking me out on dates. Jetfuel is the only answer.
Crying with laughter as I tried to read this to a friend on the phone. 馃ぃ
Try ROCKET FUEL - it's the fuel that all rocket surgeons recommend. Put your Carnival into ORBIT!
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