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Oil Change and Service Warning Reset Tutorial Video

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There it is if anyone needs help on it.
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I finally got around to doing our first oil change. Not because of mileage but because we are just about to our 1 year mark of ownership. The overall process was pretty simple but there are some things that I’ll add to the video above that will help others.

  1. The vehicle sits pretty low, so you will need to raise it up to get at the filter and drain plug. I had a set of low profile ramps that worked out perfectly.
  2. You’ll want to have a 17mm and 27mm socket. Using a crescent wrench is going to take a long time with filter removal.
  3. The filter comes off the plastic end piece using a moderate amount of force. Don’t bend the filter, just slight turn and pull straight out at the same time.
  4. When inserting the filter into the receiver housing next to the engine block, note there is a specific hole for the nipple on the filter to align with. You can feel this by hand but make sure you don’t try tightening unless this is fully aligned
  5. For me, 6 full quarts was the perfect amount. I put 5 in to start and it was barely registering on the dipstick. 6 qts left it about 1/8” short of the full line after running the engine for a few mins and letting the oil settle

    Here are some pictures that might be helpful.
    Tire Wheel Automotive tire Crankset Motor vehicle

    Oil pan drain plug above
    Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Coil Automotive exhaust Motor vehicle
    Housing for the oil filter cartridge above
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Just so you don’t have to fast forward through the video, to reset the car service interval:
  1. Turn the car on to acc mode by pushing the start button twice without your foot on the brake
  2. On the center screen swipe right and go to setup
  3. Select vehicle
  4. Select cluster
  5. Select service interval
  6. Tap reset and confirm
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