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Hi all! I am going to order new Carnival, but cannot decide between 7 and 8 seats versions.
Pro for 7 seats - VIP seats on the second row for future travel when kids will not need baby-chairs, but there is no anything in between like a table on 8 seats version. Has anyone saw some third-party tables option?
I have two kids 2 and 6 years old and cannot imaging how can we travel with no option to put bottle of water in a car where kids can pick it up without help.
Any ideas/thoughts on this?

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Have you tried using car seats with cup holders? 馃槄

But really, the VIP seats seem highly over-rated IMO. You loose all the flexibility that a minivan should offer for the rare time when a rear passenger is old enough and on a trip long enough to warrant the lounge mode.

I have 2 kids in car seats and that table is a life saver! They throw stuff out of the car seats all the time, and instead of those items falling onto the floor and hearing crying/screaming, the oldest can reach those items and the passenger can reach the ones the youngest cannot. If those items had fallen to the floor in a 7 seater, we'd all be SOL.

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We love our SX-P. During long trips the reclining second seats are great to let the kids take naps or sleep while driving at night. Yes you lose the flexibility of removing the seats for those odd times that you need that much space, but for us it was a good tradeoff. Getting in and out is pretty easy, even for someone of my size and age. In terms of a table, you could always get a cooler that has one of those table top lids which is a heckuva lot more useful (to me) than a micro seat that is more difficult to move in and out of the vehicle. : Coleman 24 Can Party Stacker Cooler, Blue : Coleman Ice Chest Stacker : Sports & Outdoors (鈿 I haven't measured to see if this exact model would fit)
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