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Permanently Turn Off Park Assist?

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I have few gripes with our sx prestige. But the park assist is useless. We park in a garage, so anytime we leave or return, it's a series of chimes and beeps and lights that do nothing for us... I put a board down so there's no hitting anything.

So, I've been getting in the habit of turning it off when I shift to reverse to leave. Problem is, it IMMEDIATELY turns back on when I shift gears. So I'm driving down the road with park assist on... huh. I turn it off, but then I approach a stoplight. Turns out, the system automatically turns back on once you get below 5mph! So, every stop!

The dumb system turns on automatically when you shift gears, when you stop, when its sunny outside, when the day of the week ends in y, etc. It's like no one at kia has heard of alarm management. Is there a way to turn off the useless park assist more permanently?
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Go to settings > Vehicle Settings > Driver Assistance > Parking Safety

From there you should have control to disable Auto On at low speeds and even turn the warnings off.
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Excellent, thank you so much!
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