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Possible to mod the 360 camera to display on infotainment unit when signaling?

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Hi guys, do you think the above is possible?

My Carnival came without the digital instrument cluster, hence the surround view monitors are not available.

Hence wanna know whether can mod the infotainment system to display the side camera when signaling.
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If it didn't come with that capability, you're likely missing all the cameras that would be necessary. For surround view, there's a camera under each mirror, one in the grille, and one in the tailgate. For the side camera views, there would be two additional cameras facing rearward to give that view.

You could likely buy all the hardware, but you might also have to install wiring for all those cameras. I sure wouldn't want to tackle that job. Just save a little money and upgrade to an SXP when you can afford it.
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