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I just picked up our new vehicle a week ago from Island Kia in New York. They were very honest and upfront and extremely quick to make it all happen, they also sensed I was a serious buyer. It happened to be the color we wanted and I know these things are slowly creeping up in price or markup over MSRP. I had looked at some as soon as they had came out and cross shopped a Telluride and at that time they were selling for MSRP and Tellurides were still 8-10k above MSRP. I got ours for $1500 over MSRP and I didn't haggle with them at all on the Carnival...what I did was try to get most of my positive equity out of my existing lease, it all worked out for me in the end.

I am still keeping an eye out on new inventory, and it seems like less is coming in or more are selling quicker.... I also feel like the price above MSRP will increase for the time being, so if anyone sees one they like, grab it right away!

My original preference was Ceramic on Tuscan but I think the grey/black looks classier. Here she is:

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