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We didn’t get the RSE because we couldn’t justify the cost and features for what’s on the market that can do more for less.

Today I mounted two 10” screens to my 2nd row middle seat via head rest brackets. Video will be provided by an Amazon Fire TV over HDMI that I stuck to the left side of my center console with double side 3m tape. In car sound via Bluetooth. And internet from my iPhone hotspot.

THESE monitors are very versatile! I was at a toss up between mirroring my iPhone to the screens with an adapter but didn’t want to lose the ability to actually use the phone while the movie was playing. Also could have used an old Apple TV but I would have had to use a power inverter. I opted for the FireTV that was collecting dust.

I purchased THIS cigarette lighter splitter to power everything. And I just happened to have a universal cigarette lighter power adapter for the FireTV in a box in the basement that has probably been there for 15 years! Lol

Did a test run with the wife and kids around the neighborhood and everything worked ok. I might put some movies on a thumb drive or SD card to save some data.

Side note, I rotated one of the 2nd row captains chairs to face in. Going to test this out with our upcoming road trip. My wife is 5’2” and fit in the front seat and 2nd row just fine. I have a passenger that’s 5’7” that will test the 2nd row seat and I’ll post and update later. For those interested and rotating their seats, WATCH THIS!

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