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Does anyone think it’s strange to have two speakers so close to each other?
Based on your questions, it sounds like you're not very familiar with cars and speakers. I probably could have given you a more elaborate response earlier to better help you understand what you've purchased.

The Carnival, like most cars in the past 10+ years comes with a multi-speaker audio system. Those speakers are traditionally mounted in the door panels and dash board. The grills covering those speakers look like plastic mesh because you need to protect the speakers from being damaged by people or objects, but you also need the holes in the mesh to allow audio to pass through.

The reason why you have speakers placed in various locations is because car speakers can also be set up like home theater speakers, where you have specific speakers dedicated to playing specific sounds. This gives the listener a fuller sound stage (experience). As for the smaller speakers mounted near the dash, those are also dedicated speakers called tweeters. They are smaller because they only produce the high pitch sounds while the larger speakers handle mid-range and lower notes (bass).

Everything you're seeing is normal and if you want to learn more about speakers, here's a nice 101 to read at your leisure:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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