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Safety of VIP seats when reclined

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I am about to pick up a Carnival SXP and was wondering about thoughts from current owners on any safety issues related to rear seat passengers using the reclining VIP seats when driving. For example, if the seat is fully reclined and the vehicle stops short, will children slide underneath the seat belt if reclined? My wife is asking me these questions so I am looking for some opinions.
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yes, there is a safety issue, the seat belt only works as intended when the person is upright in a "proper" seating position. reclining the seat, the belt will not work as intended or possibly not at all. the owners' manual discusses seat belt safety and proper usage, as do most government websites that discuss the proper use of seatbelts... but of course many people forego safety over convenience and comfort. ( as i intend to do also, knowing the risks )

there is also the legal issue of proper seatbelt my province of Ontario, the driver is responsible to ensure all occupants under 16 are wearing the seatbelt properly...a reclined child will not be properly restrained and most likely i would be fined for such an offence. therefore, before a cop would peer into my car, i would make sure to incline the seats.

your wife is justified and correct, it's not safe, and probably not legal depending where you live. i think it's really a discretionary call, but remember, there are no seatbelts on public transit or school buses, why is that a safer mode of transport than a parent driving their own children to soccer practice etc...

best of luck with your new vehicle.
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