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Hi everyone, Steven from Vancouver, Canada.
I have a Carnival SX and noticed that when my passenger side sliding door is opened it won't stay securely open. I first noticed this when I was parked on a downhill slope and the door kept closing when I was trying to take my son out of the car. When parked on a flat surface I can physically pull the door closed from the back of the door. The driver's side sliding door has no issue and won't close unless you activate it by the door handle, fob or interior door button. I called my dealership and they said it was related to the sliding door recall but I never encounter an issue that the door was not locked when we close the door. I think some owners under the recall have noticed that an alarm will go off to tell them the door is not locked.
Have any other owners noticed this problem with their sliding door, especially any owners that are part of the recall? My dealership service department said my problem was the first he encountered. The arrival date of the part is unknown.
Thank you and happy holidays everyone, Steven
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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