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Strange HVAC control placement on LX

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I’m wondering if anyone else who has the LX trim thinks the order of HVAC control knobs is strange.

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Personally, I think the fan speed knob should be on the far left and the temperature knob should be in the middle or on the right. In fact, my current work car is a Kia Optima (rental car) and it has fan speed on the left and temperature on the right.

I’m curious if this is something that could be easily moved/rearranged or are all of the knobs combined as one unit? Since my car is so new, I’m hesitant to open the dash to find out.
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Highly unlikely you can simply swap the knobs. Personaly, I think it's arranged in the order of knobs you'd use most frequently.
Personally, I adjust fan speed more often than I adjust the temperature. I guess I was accustomed to the order in my Honda:
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I probably won’t attempt to do anything with my Carnival’s knobs, I just thought it was a strange order.
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Just FYI, on the auto HVAC systems, you can simply set the temp - then the fan speed and vent selector will adjust automatically to match.

*edited for grammar 😅
Just FYI, on the auto HVAC systems, you set the temp and the fan speed and vent selector adjusts automatically to match.
Yes, I agree… I’ve had Auto HVAC on other cars and it’s definitely different than manual HVAC.
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