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Welcome to the classifieds section for Carnival accessories and parts

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Welcome to the classified section for Carnival accessories and parts! As the sub-forum name suggests, this is for buying and selling of Kia Carnival accessories and parts.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be sure to know who the seller is. Ask: their real name, where they live, who else has bought from them. Click on their avatar to see how long they have been a Carnival Forums member. Get independent verification of this information if possible.
  2. Pay through PayPal (*), credit card, or other payment system that allows you to recover your funds if the item isn’t delivered. Do not pay by wire transfer or direct bank-to-bank transfer; these payments can not be reversed.
  3. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the condition of the vehicle or part that you are buying. Demand clear photos of all areas that you feel are important. If the seller is unwilling to supply these photos, consider it a red flag.
  4. Be aware that most buyer-seller disputes reported to the Carnival Forums moderators involve international transactions. Communications across different languages and cultures can be less than perfect. Overseas shipping is significantly more expensive, making returns more expensive. When you buy something internationally, be prepared for it to become an “all sales are final” transaction.
  5. Be aware that neither the Carnival Forums (including moderators), nor its owner VerticalScope, are parties to your transaction. The Carnival Forums is just a means of connecting buyers and sellers. If the transaction does not meet your expectations, the Carnival Forums cannot get your money refunded or get your item delivered.
  6. If you feel that you have been cheated, please report the seller to the Carnival Forums moderators. But be aware that the moderators will not ban any member from the Carnival Forums without first understanding both sides of the issue.
*) When using PayPal, be sure to select “Paying for an item or service” which provides Purchase Protection for your transaction. For more information about PayPal’s Purchase Protection service, see: PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers – PayPal US Note that Purchase Protection does not apply to motorized vehicles; e.g., it works for parts but not complete cars.

Note that PayPal charges a fee (presently 4.22%) for Purchase Protection, which reduces the amount the buyer receives. Your buyer probably won’t agree to absorb that fee, so you should increase the amount that you send to PayPal by 1/(1-fee) or 4.4% at current rates. For example, if you want to deliver $100 to a seller, and receive Purchase Protection, you will need to enter $104.40 in the PayPal “amount” field.
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