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1. Updated the infosystem
2. Unenroll email 1-2 days
3. Enroll email 5-7 days
4. Failed to to activate
Modem Status / Activation State: Deprovisioned (6)
Either take the car back to dealer for dealer mode reset or you can do yourself

(Dealer mode was posted on this forum. Thanks for sharing)
For those with =>EX Larger display (In Canada, not sure about USA) you can access the dealer menu by going to Settings, General, System Info and turning your volume to 8, using the button on the steering wheel reduce it from 8 to 7 and press the place where the picture indicates below (it is just below the Home button), then reduce it to 3 and press in the same place and then reduce it to 1 and press one last time. You should get an option to enter a password, the password is 2400. This will get you into the dealer menu.

View attachment 630

Reset to factory reset. This will wipe out your profile settings. Export out Navigation data to USB if you have lot saved.

5. Activate UVO
6. Verizon activation email 10 days. <---My status at the moment.

Hope this helps.

Saving this one. Awesome writeup and thank you!

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Can confirm the days long activation. Finally have Wifi Hotspot working on the trial. Bought the vehicle 2 weeks ago. Did the system update, 19gb on flash drive. Repeated attempts at getting and entering code, 3 attempts. Finally broke down and called the number listed on screen, a 866 number I believe. Kevin started a ticket because modem status was Deprovisioned(6) and Kevin said that wasn't good and needed to change. He said they were off on the weekend but would get to it Monday morning. I tried it Tuesday and fourth activation succeeded. Now off to actually get video on Netflix in the back screens...
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